pastoral care

It is our desire to provide timely pastoral care for the members of BG4 and the greater community.  We also value enlisting the entire congregation in meeting local needs.  There are several licensed ministers and trained leaders that can assist when needs arise. You may need urgent spiritual guidance or support that just can't be scheduled. Or you may want to schedule time for things like pre-marital counseling, biblical counseling, family or relational issues, guidance for youth, funeral services, or questions about everyday life. We want to be available to fill the need whenever possible. Check out the resources below to stay connected. 

pastoral guidance/biblical counseling

You can arrange confidential prayer, pastoral guidance and biblical counseling with a licensed minister. Such meetings can offer a person the chance to verbalize their needs in a safe environment, often with valuable experience and wisdom, but always with the intent to apply spiritual and scriptural insights to emergency, catastrophic, or even everyday problems. A minister may not always be available in an emergency, but can almost always be scheduled at the earliest mutual convenience.

Pastoral Care - Pastor Gil Stuart

Pastoral Counseling - Pastor George Martin

Licensed Counseling - Tammie Wilhelm - 360.619.2643

Licensed Counseling - Pam Vredevelt - 503.661.7733

Biblical Counseling - Cheryl Butler - 360.737.4800

Biblical Counseling - Leona Bicknese - 314.226.4015

pre-marital & marriage counseling

At BG4 you can schedule individuals and/or teams for pre-marital counseling, utilizing such tools as the Prepare/Enrich Program, Marriage Team, Restored and Remarried, and other resources. Such counseling will usually include 3-6 meetings and is a great investment in the future of a family, especially for those entering into blended family situations. For those who have been married for awhile and could benefit from analysis and counsel from a spiritual and scriptural perspective, meetings can be scheduled for couples or individuals. Personal safety is always paramount, but reconciliation is our goal. For more information about marriage counseling, contact the church office:

Wedding Ceremonies

and follow-up

After pre-marital counseling, we have licensed ministers available to perform wedding ceremonies. Each couple has the option to receive follow-up sessions with the minister who performs their ceremony. We also highly recommend that newlyweds join a small group where they can continue to grow and invest in their marriage.

For more information, contact the church office:

Family & relational help

Sometimes we need referees to deal with family and relational issues. Often this help is just finding what is really bothering us, but frequently we need help reconciling wounds, offenses, and rejections from those who have hurt us. similar to marriage counseling, stopping the wounding is critical, but reconciliation is desirable.

child & youth guidance

With parental/guardian permission, children and youth may schedule pastoral guidance with a licensed minister and children or youth ministry leader. all meetings will be in accordance with Foursquare child safety guidelines. 

grief support and

funeral services

Grief counseling can be a key to realizing redemption in the grieving process. Our goal is to be available when you need that extra care. Contact us to schedule a meeting with a grief counselor, or to arrange for funeral services.