Pray until something happens

Pastor Kim Decker - kimd@bgfour.com

Pastor John Young - johny@bgfour.com

We believe in the power of prayer! We are a praying church! 

  • Community Prayer Needs

Local Prayer Needs

  • Battle Ground community leaders.

    Prayer for continued unity for the Church of Battle Ground - we are truly blessed to have such kingdom minded pastors in Battle Ground.
BG4 Prayer Needs
  • Pray for Forgiveness, Reconciliation, & Restoration.
  • Physical healing for our body of believers.
  • Resources, open doors, and jobs for those in financial need.
  • We catch the heart of Jesus for our community.
  • Spiritual and emotional healing.
  • Marriages
  • Worker's - "the harvest is plentiful, the worker's are few".
  • Open heaven over Clark County.

Global Prayer Needs

  • The peace and security of Israel
  • For a healing over our country
  • For love to cover our differences
  • Hope to rise
  • His Church to rise up and be the healing balm that brings peace and hope to those hurting in our land. 

    Updated 9/14/2017 KD