WOnders of His love devotional

week 1: hope

Light the first candle of the advent wreath

Listen: Read the Scriptures out loud

Genesis 1:1-3

Isaiah 9:2

John 1:1-5

Reflect: When has light made you feel safer? Can you describe the the situation? Has light ever made you feel uncomfortable? What does the Bible tell us about light in these passages? Where does it come from? What do light and hope have in common? (If you are doing this as a family, give everyone time to observe the passage and add something.) Can you share a current situation where you have experienced anxiety or fear and need Jesus to be your light? How could his light change your situation?

Respond: Think about and discuss with someone that you know personally that needs hope this holiday season. As you pray for them this week, ask God to give you words of hope to speak to them. Write (or draw) them a card or give them a personal phone call to let them know that you care and are praying for them. 

Listen to When Hope Came Down by Kari Jobe

Pray: Ask God to reveal Jesus' light in your most difficult situations. Pray for someone who desperately needs hope. 

wonders of his love devotional: 

week 2: joy

light the second candle of the advent wreath

Listen: Read the scriptures out loud. 

Luke 2:8-12

Acts 8:4-8

Reflect: When was a time you laughed so hard you couldn't stop? In these scriptures, what brings great joy to the whole city? Why would the news about Jesus make you joyful if you were a shepherd or a resident of Samaria? Why would the new about Jesus make people in Battle Ground joyful? What reasons do you have to be joyful this week? What ideas do you have for sharing joy this week? 

Respond: Bake a plate of goodies and make a homemade Christmas card to take to your teachers, doctor's office library, assisted living facility, city hall, etc...Spread joy! 

OR have a snowball fight! if their isn't real snow, just crinkle up some printer paper and pretend! Laughter and joy often  accompany having "spontaneous" fun with friends and family! 

Listen to Joyful by Brenton Brown

Pray: Thank God for the gift of Jesus and for one way he has changed your heart or your life. Ask Him to help you experience joy even when things are challenging this week. Ask for an opportunity to share the good news with someone who needs joy this week. 

Wonders of his love devotional

week 3: peace

light the third candle of the advent wreath

Listen: Read the scriptures out loud. 

Luke 2:14-15

John 14:25-27

Reflect: What is the most peaceful place you know? Why? Looking at these passages where does peace come from? Who is it for and what difference does it make? Do you know someone that stays peaceful no matter what happens? Why do you think that person is so peaceful? Have you ever experienced surprising peace while facing trouble? Where did that peace come from? In what area of your life do you currently long for peace?

Respond: Get bundled up and go out for an evening nature walk. Reflect on how peaceful things can be outside this time of year. As you are on your nature walk, gather twigs and small sticks. When you get home, use the twigs and sticks to make a manger and talk about the circumstances Jesus' birth. 

Pray: Take a minute to sit in silence and feel God's peace. 

Pray for an area of the world that needs peace right now. Pray for a person that need peace. Think of your current most troubling situation. Ask God to help you experience peace in the place of troubled thoughts. 

Wonders of his love devotional

week 4: love

Light the fourth candle of the advent wreath

Listen: Read the scriptures out loud. 

1 John 4:7-12, 16-20

Reflect: Who you know who loves you really well? How does that person make you feel loved? How can you tell if love is the real thing? According to the passage, what does love look like? (List some of the many descriptions of love.) What is the opposite of love in this passage? How does fear keep us from loving God and loving others? How does God express His love to you? How do you express your love to God? How to do you want to grow in loving God? How can you (or your family) express God's love to people in need this week? What are your ideas?

Respond:  Write (or draw) a short note to go with some of your Christmas gifts. Tell the recipient one specific thing that you love about them. 

Pray: Thank God for one way someone you know loves you well. (If you are praying as a family, thank God for something loving about each person.) Ask God to open your eyes to needs around you that you can meet in love. 

Increase Christmas

Gift Guide

Many of us make Christmas dreams come true for people in our home. What if our Christmas List got bigger than just our family? What if we took a portion of the money we spend on Christmas and redirected it to increase Christmas around our community and our world? What if Jesus could use us to declare the Wonders of His Love, by providing practical help and hope this Christmas through our giving? 

Will you think and pray about your participation in the 2018 Christmas List? What can you give? How can you love?

  • $10 Chicken to sustain a family

    Help a family improve their lives by providing a chicken that gives a sustainable source of protein through their daily eggs, which significantly improves the nutrition of children. Since chickens are easy to raise and and multiply quickly, families can earn an additional income by selling eggs or chicks in the market. 

    Location: Kenya and India

  • $20 Help build a home

    Help a needy family in Ensenada, Mexico. Twenty dollars contributes to purchasing materials for one square foot (or multiple square feet!) of a 320 square foot new Homes of Hope house for a family in need of a home. A BG4 team will go in April 2019 to help build this home

    Location: Mexico

  • $25 meal Box for Hungry Neighbors

    Provide a meal box of a family of four through the Clark County Food Bank! 

    Location: Battle Ground

  • $30 Garden in a Box

    You will provide a gift of a variety of vegetable seeds like cucumber, legumes, onions, peppers, squash, tomatoes, and zucchini which will serve a family long past the original harvest. Plus your gift will come with training in gardening, nutrition, and creating healthy meals with veggies for a balanced diet. Families will also receive the opportunity to sell the surplus in the market and earn additional income for other needs, such as school fees. Seeds are a small thing that can make a big difference.

    Location: Guatemala