BG4 is a relational community, committed to growing, and connecting with God and with each other. We want everyone to feel welcome - a gathering with Christ followers should be the most genuine place on earth. If you want to know our "bottom line", it's grace - plain and simple.

Our weekend gatherings offer opportunity for all ages to grow and develop, as well as build new friendships. Our 2.42 Communities are designed for further connection for all ages. If you are ready to jump in with both feet, there are many ways to get involved through serving on a NET Team, or helping with community-wide events. We hope you come and stay awhile.

We have a great message of hope and healing in the name of Jesus Christ. Join us as we serve Battle Ground and beyond to bring this message of hope to those in need. Together we can make a difference!

The Bg4

BG4 is a relational community designed to welcome, equip and release Christ followers into their community and world. 

The BG4 is a way of living that encourages whole-hearted devotion to Christ and the development of God's unique purpose in each life.

                                                                             We GATHER together: We do life together - with God and one another

                                                                             We GROW: We allow God and others to know us

                                                                             We GIVE to the team: We release whole-hearted Christ followers into service

                                                                             We GO: We take God-induced risk